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This website is only about 6-months old, but I decided I needed to make a few changes. I’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and for the most part, I’ve been pretty pleased with the design and the organization of information.

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Let's Be Honest

Recently, I was reading the bios of the “executive team” for a local web design/development firm (undisclosed) and saw that a couple of them had “over 20 years experience” in the web industry. An acquaintance of mine at a different company states he has “over 10 years experience” on his bio. If that’s true, then he started doing web development when he was 14.

I guess that is not unfathomable, but honestly, how realistic is that? And what type of web projects were the other two guys working on back in 1987? Not saying it isn’t true, just really wondering about the robustness of truth in those bios. Perhaps we’re all a little guilty of this from time to time.

After reading all this, I started to wonder about a couple things.
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What's in Your Bookstack?

I’ve been tagged. Stephen is wondering what’s in my “Bookstack”.

My bookstack: a few of the books I'm currently reading.

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