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Career Path: The Scenic Route

In a recent job interview, someone asked me to explain how I got into web design. I guess he was a bit curious, given that I have a degree in Horticulture. As I recounted the long, winding path I took to get where I am today, I realized again – for the umpteenth time – how bizarre it must sound to others. Since I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to do so here, I thought I would go ahead and document the milestones along with a visual map to help tell the story. Read the rest of this entry →

Meeting Pet Peaves

I started this post a month ago and have written and re-written it numerous times. I’ve been trying to come up with eloquent ways to talk about how to improve meetings. But I seem uninspired by that and would rather just pine about the things that bother me instead.

What I think would improve meetings the most would be to infuse some rigorousness into the way we schedule and conduct meetings. Without further adieu, here are my top-5 complaints about meetings: Read the rest of this entry →