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Who am I?

One of my favorite Christian “rock” bands is Casting Crowns. I don’t listen to Christian music all the time – primarily because most of it is either just too cheesy, a cheap imitation of true worship, or too often average from a musical standpoint. But, I digress. This post is not about the merits and follies of Christian music. Its about a specific song by Casting Crowns. Casting Crowns is one of those bands that really “get it”, in my opinion.

Their music is worshipful, respectful and real. And I get the sense, by listening to the lyrics that they somehow have walked down a similar path as I am on, so I feel a kindred connection with their songs for some reason.

One of their songs, in particular, is really good. Its called Who Am I?. The whole song is very meaningful, but I really like the chorus:

Not because of who I am,
But because of what you’ve done.
Not because of what I’ve done,
But because of who you are.

These words really speak to me. So often, we get caught up in our identity in Christ (which is a good thing) and all the things that we do (also can be good things) and not focus on what God has done or who Jesus is.

Its a good reminder that on my own strength, I can do nothing and there’s nothing I can do to make myself more acceptable in God’s eyes. Thank you, God, for your incredible, unfathomable Grace.

Before and After

I mentioned in my last post about how we’re settling in. We’ve been taking some pictures around the house now that we have painted, decorated and hung curtains and light fixtures. It looks and feels like a completely different place.

Checkout these before and after slides to get an idea of the transformation. (Click the fullscreen icon on the toolbar below for the best view.)

[slideshare id=1296708&doc=house-090415211824-phpapp02]

Next up – the landscaping. From the picture, it looks better than it really is. Lots of work to do, but we can take our time more with the outside.

Even though we’ve lived there for only 1 month, we already feel so comfortable and at home. I give Cori all the credit for making it feel so homey, so soon. What a wife!