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Why Front-end Developers Are So Important

Paul Carvill provides some clarification around the roles and skills sets of developers, designers and other front-end players and the importance of such to the future of businesses on the web.

Always Ask, "What Happens If…?"

This is the title of Chapter 1 in the new book by Dan Cederholm, Handcrafted CSS. I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately myself and have been doing much thinking regarding the idea of “designing in a vacuum”.

I love this book! Handcrafted CSS is full of Web design gold. Dan goes on to say:
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I Remember

Remembering 911

The morning of September 11, 2001 was a pretty busy morning for me. I woke up super early and went to work to get a good start on a top priority project I was working on. I arrived at the office a couple of hours before sunrise. At that time, I was working in downtown Dallas at a mortgage company. As the Communications Manager, one of my jobs was to create corporate presentations, usually delivered by the CEO or other executive.

PowerPoint was my trusted tool of choice at that time, but since this particular presentation was so important, I decided to use a new way of creating and delivering presentations – Macromedia Flash! Read the rest of this entry →

Code Snippets

Various snippets of code (html, css, php, jquery, etc). Definitely worth keeping handy.