You found me.

Hi. I’m Chuck Mallott — a UX Designer, Information Architect and hobbyist Landscape Designer. I’m an erstwhile Texan living in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) with my wife and three kids.

Furthermore …

I ply my craft as Principal UX Designer at Sport Ngin, creators of the world’s premiere sports management platform.

Away from work and the computer, you’ll most likely find me spending time with my wife, hanging out with my kids or reading a book. I can also tell you more about sports than most people you will meet.

What I Like

Apple computers, my iphone, sports, books, trees, meaningful conversation, counter-culture ideas, hammocks, foosball and drinking tea (hot or iced).

What I Don’t Like

Know-it-alls, micro-managers, me monsters, sudden expert-ism, fax machines, fingerprints on my screen, asparagus and anything cherry-flavored.

A writer has a pen. A sculptor has a chisel. An artist has a brush. I need all this stuff.

We’ll see ya.