Gradient Grunge Wallpaper

What follows results from the convergence of three serendipitous occurrences: 1) the desire for a new desktop background, 2) the revelation of the Gradient Grunge style and 3) the discovery of Wordle.

banner announcing gradient grunge wallpapers

As I was playing around with some different word cloud arrangements in Wordle, I thought – why not use an image of one of these word clouds and throw it in between some layers in Fireworks, where I had already been experimenting with some gradient grunge concepts. So there the idea was born and a few days later, I had a new desktop background. Feel free to download one for yourself – Rainbow (1680x1050 | 1920x1200) or Lightning (1680x1050 | 1920x1200). I kinda like Rainbow myself.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Any chance in getting this in 1920×1200? Plz!

  2. chuck says:

    Travis, you bet … I’ll try to post it by the end of this weekend. Glad you like.

  3. Clemens says:

    Awsome, thank you!
    Using it on 1280×1024 and moved the text a little bit off center – looks better imho.

  4. J Phillips says:

    Great job on those wallpapers. I’m using each of them for both my monitors. Thanks!

  5. Scott says:

    I’d actually dig it more without the wordle.

  6. roger   says:

    added a few new textures on top but great new bg for my blog! new subscriber here!

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