What's in Your Bookstack?

I’ve been tagged. Stephen is wondering what’s in my “Bookstack”.

My bookstack: a few of the books I'm currently reading.

Every now and then I’ll pick up a book, usually a novel, that sucks me in to the point I can’t put it down and I read cover to cover in a short period of time. But more often than not, I get a new book, read a few chapters and then before I finish, I’ll start reading a different book. This happens a few times and I start stacking them on my desk or next to the bed to read whatever interests me at the moment.

The books in the photo above (from top to bottom):

One day soon (????), we’ll have a tool to track and share what is in our Bookstacks. Until then, I’ll tag a few others (Cori, Christian, Josh and Andy) to find out what kinds of interesting things they’re reading.

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  1. Cori says:

    I find it so interesting that so many people read more than one, two or even three books at a time. Finding out what’s in other people’s Bookstack is a wonderful way of knowing a little bit more about them. The first two books, I’m reading to Gavin, but also learning more than I previously knew in those areas. And they aren’t “children’s books”, both are written at about a 7th or 8th grade level for comprehension and vocabulary. Deductive reasoning would conclude that either I’m really dense or Gavin’s very smart – but either way, we’re both getting alot out of our special read-aloud time together. That being said, here’s the list:

    1. Osgood’s Progressive Reader (1855) by Lucius Osgood
    2. Galileo, Astronomer and Physicist – by Robin Doak
    3. School Education, Vol. 3 (1886) by Charlotte Mason
    4. Outwitting Dogs – by Terry Ryan and Kirsten Mortensen
    5. Becoming the Parent God Wants You to Be – Dr. Kevin Leman
    6. Creative Homeschooling, A Resource Guide for Smart Families – Lisa Rivero
    7. Meditations – by Marcus Aurelius

  2. Josh Pyles says:

    That always happens to me! Good list :)

  3. brentandrews says:

    Mostly China books in my stack. Some to review, some to just read and enjoy. See http://chronicdiscontent.wordpress.com/?s=China+Books

    Good post.

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