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AEA15: Career Advice from a Cranky Old Man

I have the good fortune of attending the premiere conference for web designers and developers in the country – An Event Apart (this time in Austin).

Some notes below from the keynote presentation from Jeffrey Zeldman. Titled “The Fault, Dear Brutus (or: Career Advice from a Cranky Old Man).

  • Our other jobs (before we became designers) give us perspective. Makes us thankful to be a designer. We are extremely lucky.
  • Work never sells itself. You have to be able to explain your design.
  • Never talk about aesthetics. Talk about the business problems you’re solving.
  • Attitude trumps work I’m most companies (great work + bad attitude = fired).
  • In big companies, politics trumps work. Its not fair, its just how it is.
  • First impressions are forever.
  • We have met the enemy and he is us. We are the only thing standing between us and success.
  • You need a good portfolio. Use sites like Dribbble and Behance if necessary to make sure that some of the work you do can be shown.
  • Blog like nobody’s reading. Blogging is how he ended up on stage today (inception joke).
  • Don’t wait for someone to hand you the dream job/project. Take it. DIY (do it yourself).

Who am I?

I thrive on ruined deadlines and countless, senseless iterating.
I have the power to bring even the most well-planned project to a grinding halt.
I am feared by all designers, developers and project managers.
My name is Consensus.

Answering “The Fold” Question

My friend Andy shares what I think is the most appropriate answer to questions about designing for The Fold. And he says it more politely than I would.

The Cost of Starting Up

This is always a fun conversation, isn't it? As always, Brad's comics are funny and on point.

User Experience Margin

How much is User Experience worth? Would you be willing to pay a bit more for a product if you also knew you’d get a better experience? I’ve had to answer these questions lately and based on personal experience, my answer is definitely yes.

A couple of weeks ago we had some new countertops and tile work installed in our kitchen. We worked with a local, family-owned remodeling company. Throughout the planning and selection phase, we had a great experience with them and were confident we chose the right company to do the job.

And then they started the work. Read the rest of this entry →

You get what you pay for…

Excellent points made by Sarah Parmenter regarding under-bidding design work and working for less than market rates.

You Work for Clients, Remember?

"Pick good clients. Do work you’re proud of. Setup solid guardrails and expectations. Push back with informed professional opinions." Great little rant from Joshua Blankenship.