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Rethinking The Fold

Recently I assembled some thoughts regarding The Fold and what we (anyone involved in publishing websites) should do about it. Enjoy!

Tweaking the Google Notifier

I’m a huge fan of Google’s GMail. If you’re looking for a new mail client, you should definitely give it a go; it’s a pleasure to use. If you’re a GMail user, you’ve probably also downloaded the Google Notifier – a tiny application that displays mail alerts in your menu bar.

This is where I have a bit of a problem with the Notifier. Actually, this is more of a personal problem than an issue with the application itself. But with a little tweaking, the Google Notifier could really help me out.
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Good to Great, Part 2

I once worked with a marketing professional that dabbled in SEO and Usability. She would often say, “We need to talk to our users like they’re 3rd graders.” She was fond of talking down to users and then adding clarification text in parenthesis. And nothing could ever be left to user intuition, everything had to be labeled – with bright colors like green and red, not subtle, “grey-ed out” labels.

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What is Good Design?

Someone asked me the other day what the difference was between my work (or someone like me) and a high school student that is dabbling in web design. Questions like this frustrate me at first, but upon further thought I welcome them as an opportunity to educate people about what I do. As I thought about the answer, the first thing I thought of was “the ability to avoid cheesy design”.
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