Before and After

I mentioned in my last post about how we’re settling in. We’ve been taking some pictures around the house now that we have painted, decorated and hung curtains and light fixtures. It looks and feels like a completely different place.

Checkout these before and after slides to get an idea of the transformation. (Click the fullscreen icon on the toolbar below for the best view.)

[slideshare id=1296708&doc=house-090415211824-phpapp02]

Next up – the landscaping. From the picture, it looks better than it really is. Lots of work to do, but we can take our time more with the outside.

Even though we’ve lived there for only 1 month, we already feel so comfortable and at home. I give Cori all the credit for making it feel so homey, so soon. What a wife!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes, you are truly blessed to be married to a woman that can see the “big picture” by looking at little 4 inch squares. I, on the other hand, cannot see the big picture until its finished – then I decide whether I like it or not. That can be costly, let me tell ya!

    Can I borrow her in about 4 months??? Please? I am already stressed about the pics I had to make to just have the house built…forget about decorating. Its not my thing!!! :(

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ooops, meant picks, not pics…. :)