India Pictures

Apologies for the delay on posting some photos of my trip and for the lack of posting in general. Life has been pretty crazy since I got home.

Here are a few photos in particular that I’d like to share and explain.

This is the view from my hotel room window. I spent a lot of time just looking out the window watching what life is like for these people. Fascinating to watch anonymously from the 8th floor.

Views from the hotel

This is the infamous alley Dave and I walked through behind our hotel on that first day.

An alley just behind our hotel in Chennai

This is me at Tiger Cave.


This is Daos and two of his children. Meeting and talking with him was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

Daos and children

This is one of my favorite photos. Children love getting their photos taken. I took this photo from the car as we drove past.

The Boy

This was the best part of the trip – coming home. :)

Me and the kids

In total, I took about 360 photos on the trip. I uploaded about 100 of them to Flickr. I also created a slideshow on Flickr of all my pictures for your enjoyment.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Ok, for a second, it looked like the cake said “56”, not “36”. What exactly are those little pieces? Looks yummy – and I know it was because Cori’s cakes are always yummy :) Anyway, happy birthday old man!! Only a few more years to the big 40!!!

  2. chuckmallott says:

    Hey, hold on a second! You are almost a month older than me, so slow down on the “old man” comments. :)

    For the record – those were mini Reese’s cups.