Where Bubbles Go

Last evening I was working on a freelance project at my desk in our bedroom. Chloe was taking a bubble bath in our bathroom downstairs. The tub is about 20 feet from my desk, so I could work while keeping an eye on her – and answer her 2,489 questions that she felt were more important than what I was doing.

After being in the tub about 20 minutes or so, she realized that all the bubbles were starting to disappear and asked if she could have more. So I turned the water back on and put in some more bubble bath liquid. She asked what happened to the bubbles and I just said, “Well, after awhile, they just go away.”

She must have felt I was trying to keep the real truth from her. She asked, in a completely serious tone, “Where do they go? Do they go in my butt?”

So I tried to explain to her that that is indeed not where they go – all the while keeping a straight face. The things kids think of! I love how their minds work. :)

One Comment

  1. Michael Segulja says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a really long time! That’s hilarious and I can completely picture her asking you that.